Financial Support

The organization of the Program has a limited amount of funds for visitors, including young researchers and students, and is actively searching for more funds. The first deadline for applying for financial support is January 25. The first answers will be out in the month of February. Late applications are welcome, and further deadlines may be set, however please take into account that a considerable amount of the funds might then have been used up.

All applicants MUST fill in the registration form, indicating the need for support and the desired period of stay. Due to our expected limitations, the organization encourages everyone to find partial support elsewhere.  In case you need full support, or have any questions, please send a message to alg-geo<at> Students and young researchers should also submit a short Curriculum Vitae and one recommendation letter from a professor familiar with them to alg-geo<at> If your stay includes participation in any of the activities (workshops, schools or meetings) taking place during the Program, please register for each of them as well.

Funding may be subject to certain conditions, like obtaining a special visa and opening a Brazilian bank account. The applicant will know whether this is his/her case when receiving our answer, and will be helped by us through the process.

Again, any questions on the Program should be directed to alg-geo<at>