In 2015, IMPA will organize a Special Thematic Program on Algebraic Geometry. The activities will take place on IMPA's premises in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April to June, 2015.

We expect a very relaxed atmosphere where visitors will take part in weekly seminars, in a series of workshops and in other activities they deem interesting including their fellow visitors and local mathematicians.

Please feel very welcome to plan a visit during the period. The Organizing Committee has already obtained funds to support visitors and is committed to finding even more resources, though unfortunately these are always limited. So that we are able to have as many visitors as possible, we encourage you to apply elsewhere for funds for traveling and local expenses to support your visit.

If you want to come, please let us know, by registering! If you have a certain period in mind, a particular week or the whole three months, please let us know! The sooner we know, the better for planing the trimester, allocating the available funds, searching for more resources, and making your visit possible!